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Jan 18, 2015

Learning curve

Posted by Srđan Canić on Jan 18, 2015No comments
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After arranging the toast and two boiled eggs on a serving tray just the way he liked it, Colin slowly carried his breakfast outside. He enjoyed the early, fresh air and the soothing sensation of almost still life. The only reminder of inevitable turbulence was the young summer sun. Just breaking above the trees, but clearly indicating time was passing by. And with each moment, it revealed more and more dark corners of the farm and surrounding forest in which boys were spending entire days. Boys... Colin thought to himself, putting the tray on a porch table and letting his old body rest in a chair. Yes, the boys were another reason why he liked to get up early. Having seemingly boundless energy, they did remind him of comic-book superheroes. Always giving a hundred percent, yet never getting tired, as if they were drawing their strength directly from the sun. Just watching them play would fill Colin’s heart with happiness. But—

“But they sure make a lot of noise...” he whispered, smiling.